Water Projects

TCM Civil Water projects throughout Newcastle, Hunter & Lake Macquarie

Gunnedah to Curlewis Pipeline

Gunnedah Shire Council

Two (2) potable water reservoirs (Approximately 500kL each). Design and construction of approximately 15.8 kilometres of DN200 PVC-O Series 2 PN16 pipelines



Fish River Water Supply Part Replacement of Stage 2 Pipeline


Separable Portion 1
  • 1.8 km long steel OD 914 – RRJ pipeline

Separable Portion 2
  • 1.0 km long steel OD 914 – RRJ pipeline
  • Scour valves, air valves and isolation valves
  • Cross connections to Stage 1 pipeline
  • One road crossing
  • End connection of new pipelines to existing Stage 2 pipeline (at two locations)
  • Valve pits, thrust blocks, anchor blocks, supports and trench stops

Construction of Fish River Steel Pipeline

State Water Corporation

Construction of 0.66 km long steel OD 914 – RRJ pipeline, 2.5 km long steel OD762 – RRJ pipeline, 0.6 km long steel OD762 welded pipeline, Scour valves, air valves and isolation valves, cross connections to Stage 1 and 3 pipelines (at two locations), Valve pits, thrust blocks, anchor blocks, supports, trench stops and bulkhead, end connection of new pipelines to existing Stage 2 pipeline (at four locations), 3 creek crossings. Pipeline grades exceeding 45%.

Working next to a high-pressure, live water main presented challenges to the project, as did the fragile ecosystem which was managed with erosion control measures and silt fencing as outlined in the construction environmental management plan.

Twenty six full days were lost to wet weather but the project was brought in on time and in budget.

Clarence Town Wastewater Transportation System

Hunter Water Corporation

Completion of remaining works outstanding under terminated contract of former contractor for the construction of Clarence Town wastewater transportation system.

Construction of sewer gravity system.
Construction of 2 wastewater pump stations
Construction of sewer rising mains.

Many challenges were faced after the termination of the previous contractor. Community liaison was paramount to ensure the township of a speedy and professional completion to the project.

After completion of the remaining pipeline and two pump stations, many faults and leakages were found in the sections the previous contractor had constructed that had to be repaired. TCM completed this project with the client and community satisfied with the outcome.

Construction of Neath Watermain

Hunter Water Corporation

Construction of 1,272m of 500mm DICL high pressure watermain.
Construction of 66m of 300mm DICL watermain.

Eraring Poly

Maitland North Rothbury Water System Upgrade

Hunter Water Corporation

Supply and Construct - 1347m 300 Dia DICL, 900m 375 Dia DICL and 2 Major Thrust Bores (New England Hwy, Wine Country Dr).

Mangoola Mine

Walker St Warners Bay

Supply and Construct - 300 Dia SS Pipe Crossing and Aerial Creek Crossing.


Eraring Power Station / SNK

Supply and Construct - 3100m 280 Ø Poly, 2350m 160 Ø Poly and 2700m 110 Ø Poly.

Watermain Upgrade, Greenleaf Rd Kooragang Island

Hunter Water Corporation

Supply and Construct - 540m 375Ø DICL.

Wine Country

Wyong Water Supply Stage 4, Toronto to Fennell Bay

Kerroc Pty Ltd (for Hunter Water Corporation)

Supply and Construct - 1500 metres X 600Ø DICL Watermain, Complex Connections and Main Road Underbore.